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支持香港邁向零煙世代!Towards a tobacco-free Hong Kong!

宣傳片已上載於委員會網站及影片分享平台,請瀏覽。如有任何查詢,請致電2185 6399與香港吸煙與健康委員會聯絡。

A new Announcement of Public Interest (API) titled “Towards a tobacco-free Hong Kong!” was launched by Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health. The API depicted, “Wise Mike”, Smoke-free Ambassador of COSH, being in the future to recall members of the public were being around tobacco smoke in streets while bystanders were harmed by secondhand smoke containing harmful and cancer-causing substances. Hence, he raised an aspiration for a better life without smoking hazards. Smokers were encouraged to stop smoking for oneself and our next generation, and join hands to move towards a tobacco-free Hong Kong.
The API was uploaded to COSH website and video sharing platform. Please visit If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health at 2185 6399.


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